Have you ever stared at some YouTube Ads? Suuuree you have…for 5 seconds your view was focused on the last second of the link to go viewing your video.

But why you don’t really watch an ad? And how many ads you watch on a list of 100 that you pass away? My answer is no one, because all ads are apparently the same, really boring and most of times really annoying!

This is because, when a good idea go forward, all marketing managers, copywriter, and company advertising managers are used to copy that idea! Because is cheap and they haven’t any other “imagination/creative work” to give into the project they manage. Then, after copy paste an idea, a good one, it isn’t no more a good idea for marketing. It’s already old!

But we have to say an other thing, that ads are viewed by people who are attracted by ads (for some reasons) and this because they heard something interesting about the ad (or in the ad), so maybe they want and are pleased to buy the sponsored product! Sometimes the real problem isn’t the ad, but the product or the Audience.


What is a good Video ad behaviour? Is something that attract viewers. Now, There isn’t a good one. A really good and impressive behaviour is to spread the word and give a good feedback to customers with the ad campaign, without leaving behind the AD “trademark”. Maybe if i say: “i give money” at the beginning of the video, we have more seconds of attention by the viewer, but it lasts only one time, then the joke doesn’t work anymore and our campaign loses on creating a good feedback (the most important thing in advertising, because selling is optional and depends, at first, on price and quality of the product/service).

There are some techniques to bring customer attention and to highlight some contents that are important and targeted on product. But more of these techniques are used so many times by ads, that ads haven’t a really effective campaign on customers now (it’s customer evolution). An example of this could be the fact that i saw a lot, and maybe Tons of video ads about cars, beautiful videos! With a focus on set background and music soundtrack. But i remember the soundtrack and i don’t remember the car logo! The last video soudtrack that i remember about a Car video ad? M83 – “Midnight city”, really…  i don’t remember the car, neither i’ll go to find that car, i only remember that there was a car sponsored on the video advertising.

Personally these months, thinking about ads, i could remember only one, The Bluehost YT video ad, why? Because i was looking for a better “web host” or something  good to change about my websites, so google collected my search queries and fired ads against me about this “Bluehost” like a hot railmachinegun! So after clicking every time, more than 100 times, on the “switch to video” button on Youtube ads, about this Bluehost ads, i occasionally decided to give a chance to this ad!

There was a girl talking about her host on Bluehost and about the staff. Some aspects were hilarious… but nah, not really, maybe was a bit funny. So i decided to read more about this “BlueHost”, i read a lot on Blogs and on the official site. In the end i know more about Blue Host, but i haven’t bought a pricing plan on it, because some blogs have “talked bad” on the pricing terms of the service, saying that the service changes a lot after the first year and doesn’t give you some settings on the control panel (as i remember and read on other blogs).

YOUTUBE ADS – Summarizing:

I watched the video ads after a spam video campaign on youtube, i was interested by the ad (in the end), i tried to get more info about this advertisement. I found a lot of feedbacks, but some negative ones. So i haven’t bought the product.

RESULT? The most important thing about ads is Feedback! And it isn’t important how video ads attract the customer (spam or good music and video or anything else), it’s important that the ad give all the info to get more info about the product, then you can think about how reach the customer! If you don’t have a good Ad, don’t make an advertisement. Try it on an audience sample and with their feedback (if positives ones) you can publish the ad making more conversion and spending less 🙂