We are talking about you. Yes YOU! Because sometimes you think that people have to see your “fantastic”, masterpiece of content. Your beautiful creation, something that you made, and that you think is useful for users… But sometimes what you think, isn’t really what the user think, or maybe yes?

Yes, the user thinks the same as you, because you are one of them. So, if you don’t take time to complain on something that is completely different from your work or creation, also the user, the one that you are targeting, have no time and things to say to you.

This is the mistake made by, lots and lots, of bloggers and content creators. They think that they “must” be followed, but they don’t want to follow anyone else. That’s crazy!

If you want engagement, you have to engage, discuss, have a “face to face”, and expose your idea, your personality. All of this is important! However, every “social push” is a little brick that increase your “Social Reputation”. So, This is my advice:


Yes you have understood! This is a circle, if you comment, also another user could reply, comment and share ideas and appreciation. But if you think that your work is more important than other’s work, maybe you could be truth, but no one would follow someone so “superb”, no one (blogger or normal user).

Really, a good social behaviour is to take 5 minutes to comment on something. Be sure to make that comment so wonderful and “soul helping” that the other side could think “ok, lets see who this guy is” and maybe “BOOM!” you have a follower!

A comment is a social action that engage more than a “like”. If you comment on something, your comment is part of the final content. Think that other people could see the comment, also the content creator could see it (maybe he is the first one, if comments are moderated) and this could be a conversion of an user or more, from an external user that nothing have to do with you or your business, to a real follower or “engaged user”.

My tips about comments are:

  • Include as many infos in your comment (email, website, avatar);
  • write the best you can, solve the problem, give a feedback and transmit your personality;
  • Remember to link a gravatar to your mail;
  • Make comments on web pages (websites), social network and wherever you can;
  • Make at least one comment a day and make it as a social activity for your brand.

So, what’s now? Comment on this topic what you are thinking about this. I’ll reply and visit your site, maybe i’ll comment too!