Have you ever thought about watching a music video? And so, have you ever thought about why every music video have a nice background image? If you don’t, maybe i can tell you something about marketing…

Every content that we love, it’s a beautiful content with “every corner” of its parts. We are attracted by contents that we can appreciate with all our senses. If a content is about music, yes the first aspect is music and maybe lyrics in some cases, but why we select between two same quality contents (audio and time) the one who have the better image? Because we analyze the contents with every sense. What we listen isn’t the real deal. The deal is the complex of sensations: what we listen, what we see and maybe in which mood we are.

Take this in mind, if we look at beautiful landscape images while listening to relaxing music (maybe on Youtube), we feel much better than listening only music (spotify). This because the image stimulate our senses and our imaginantion, in other words our brain start thinking on something related.

MARKETING – Senses and “Mood”

However, think about “listening music while waiting for something that make you really anxious“. For example an important test. If you pass the test, that music will have a good influence on you every time you listen to it, but otherwise, if you fail, that same “piece of music” is like a burden on your mind. That’s an example about the link between images, music and mood.

In marketing nothing is left on the road by luck. All it’s optimized to make you feel what the marketer want you to feel, nothing more, nothing less. How i explain every time i can… it’s all about “feedback“. You have to create the expectations, a dead-end where the user can be lead and then lead all the user’s energy to your goal/target. That’s not so good to read but it’s a simple rule of the world, use anything you can to reach your goals! Marketing help you in this, making the “good” decisions for your business.

MARKETING – Everything is calculated

Now i’m thinking another example. Have you ever saw a fast food advertising on tv or video ADS? Sure, you have. Sometimes in fast food advertising isn’t showed how really they make food. You often see “marvelous” masterpieces of bread which are magically filled by something tasteful! That’s not the reality and maybe you know that, but when you see two products: the one that you saw in video ads and one that isn’t advertised (they have the same price), for some reasons you choose the advertised product. This is because your brain have focused the advertising when you saw the product and all was repeated in your mind, creating in you a need of that good, like it’s a “god made” food.

When you have it, about few minutes after, your satisfaction and need are already dead, even if you didn’t eat (in most of case). It’s like “orgasm”, but in this case your orgasm is a subliminal “brain infection” called advertising.

Your brain suggested to you that the product was the best. This also work on Shopping Malls, they use good and relaxing music, well designed space and often also “shopping routes” to make you lower your “defenses”.

This is marketing, nothing is special if you don’t make it special! Marketing have this power. Marketing is an image, a changing of products position, is a word, a slogan, it’s a true power of a product. Marketing is decisions and statistical analisys. Marketing is the difference between you and someone else.

At last, a question for you: What you like from these sentences? (these sentences are about you).

1- First, YOU are awesome!

2- Second, you are a f****t

You have the power. Which one you choose?