What about me? My motto is: “If You Want You Can! But you need a little effort to succeed” and i really think that we all start equally from the same number of chances. Anyone could reach a top position, despite class, gender or any other fisical or social difference (this is a great time to be alive).

I’m the one who can’t be idle waiting for something that doesn’t come. Don’t be mistook, i can wait for something that is growing, but i can’t wait for something that isn’t scheduled or planned in a strategy. Hope isn’t a strategy. I love to make Analysis about sales or about any mesurable element. I love to optimize things to make a faster and better workflow (yes, I’m lazy. Less is better).


I hate to do something stupid only because i’m told to and i usually don’t do senseless actions. I think a lot and i try to avoid problems if i can (but, unfortunately, they follow me. Yes, i’m a problem solver). I’m not a leader, that’s definitely not what I am, I’m more accustomed to “support” who is leading. Yes, you like leaders, but if we all do a leader job, who follows the leading? I can support every project because i have a wide range of skills and some experience.


My passions are: technology, online selling, knowledge in general (I like to know anything as much as possible because knowledge is power). My hobbies? I like to manage websites, I also like to play with photo editing in my freetime, and toy around with new apps and softwares when they come before me.

If You Want You Can! But you need a little effort to SUCCEED…