June 9 2014
Freelancers have no time!

Ok we know, we want to work, we want to earn money, we want to get it all in Time! that’s great! but not always we can achieve this as freelancers. The problem is that we haven’t the first thing[…]

November 28 2013
attention boobs

How much is important for a content to catch the user’s attention? Maybe that’s a good start point for a content. If a content is interesting and can catch the user’s attention, it could bring to you more visits/users from[…]

November 21 2013
marketing tv

Have you ever thought about watching a music video? And so, have you ever thought about why every music video have a nice background image?┬áIf you don’t, maybe i can tell you something about marketing… Every content that we love[…]

November 19 2013
You comment they comment you

We are talking about you. Yes YOU! Because sometimes you think that people have to see your “fantastic”, masterpiece of content. Your beautiful creation, something that you made, and that you think is useful for users… But sometimes what you[…]

November 12 2013

If you are a blogger, you surely know that content freshness is important. It’s obvious, newer (updated) it’s the content, more is the value that Google, search engines and users could give to your content (if you already have a[…]

November 11 2013
Youtube ads image

Have you ever stared at some YouTube Ads? Suuuree you have…for 5 seconds your view was focused on the last second of the link to go viewing your video. But why you don’t really watch an ad? And how many[…]

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