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Hello, I'm Claudio Daniele, a Freelance Writer and Welcome on my WebSite!


What About Me? I’m Italian and Freelance Writer. I love to write about web and in my free time i like to manage my blogs. I work a lot with WordPress (content creation and management, not coding), SEO to optimize my contents for the web and i know a bit about Social Media Marketing to spread the word. I love the Web and i like to Write.


If You Want You Can! But you need a little effort to SUCCEED…


My Career
I Started Playing with Web Platforms…

I Started Playing with Web Platforms…

2008 - 2009 And that was really a new world!

2008 – 2009 , Attracted by the web and how websites work, i started thinking to learn more about Web platform. In beginning i only learnt something about HTML and CSS then i started knowing more about CMS and Web Platform Like WordPress, Joomla and some other for Forums and discussions.

2009 i Discover Mybb

2009 i Discover Mybb

2009 - I discover Mybb

Also as Web writer or something like, i was also an online player (Now not  more) and i was focused on creating community. To do so i found “MYBB” a Forum Web Platform and i learnt to manage also Mybb forums.

My Journey continue

My Journey continue

2010 I'm interested in Blogging

In 2010 My journey is going on an other side of the web the BLOGGING! At beginning i wanted to know more about how this strange method to spread the word was working and i learnt more about Joomla and K2, and a lot about WordPress. I started mini free domain websites for test and i took some experience in creating content and managing the Blogging platforms.

I thought about a domain to realize a project

I thought about a domain to realize a project

Late 2010 - Thinking about the domain

Few months in the world of blogging and i realize that maybe i could make a real web project! I was only focused on domain and i selected “Saluxjiras” (my online nickname). Now i know that all matter and not only the domain into the WEB…

Lets Begin! My first Blog

Lets Begin! My first Blog

2011 My first real blog

In 2011, November,  i started My project “” a blog about guides, technology, games and in general about online web. At first i used joomla but it was to heavy to host and manage on a little shared-hosting, so i migrated to WordPress (also now i’m using WP). I learnt in this years a lot of Things such as: SEO, Content optimisation, Social Media marketing, and a lot of “managing must” for WP.

Google stabbed me

Google stabbed me

2012 - Penguin ...

In 2012, April,  My blog was penalized by Google’s Algorithm and i was destroyed, i couldn’t figure out what the problem was for the visits down. So this was my first bad time with my blog. From this i learnt a lot about SEO, White hat, Black Hat, dos and don’ts about SEO, and basically i understood that at first you have to do a lot for user experience and not only do all on the SEO side of the site.

My Freelance life begin!

My Freelance life begin!

2013 i start as Freelance worker

In 2013 i took a pause from my websites and, in may of the same year i started working as freelance on oDesk. Previously i worked as freelance on  ( ex – 2011) as italian article writer and on other little sites as ghostwriter. On oDesk i found a good place to work and if you want to contact me for something i’m really pleased to reply! You can contact me here on contact page or simply on oDesk.




Some of my posts… if you want to see my posts as a normal blog click here:

 My posts

9 Jun

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28 Nov

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12 Nov

If you are a blogger, you surely know that content freshness is important. It’s obvious, newer (updated) it’s the content, more is the value that Google, search engines and users could give to your content (if you already have a[…]

11 Nov

Have you ever stared at some YouTube Ads? Suuuree you have…for 5 seconds your view was focused on the last second of the link to go viewing your video. But why you don’t really watch an ad? And how many[…]



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English or Italian?

Feel Free to contact me! Don’t worry, i don’t want money to give you an answer and neither i eat YOU! (Maybe the second one could be interesting). You can contact me in English or Italian, there isn’t any problem! I’ll Reply ASAP

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